Uomo Spa

Uomo Spa is the perfect place for Gentlemen to get their body rejuvenated and relaxed. Uomo Spa offers a large variety of spa treatments, such as, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facial cleansing treatments and massages.

Emporio del Uomo has designed Uomo Spa for Gentlemen that enjoy relaxing and take care of their selves in a nice atmosphere. Our spa is meant to give the opportunity to escape from the city life for men that need to escape to rest.

Do not hesitate on taking a break and let our professional and friendly staff take care of you, there won’t be other place you rather be.



Full Manicure (without varnish) 30,00€
File without Varnish 22,00€
Varnish 13,00€
Paraffin Manicure 64,00€
Half Arms 20,00€
Half Legs 30,00€
Armpits/Under Arm 20,00€
Lower Back or Lower Belly 14,00€
Full Arms 27,00€
Full Legs 44,00€
Eyebrows 13,00€
Full Back or chest 49,00€
Half Back or Half Chest 23,00€
Ears 13,00€
Feet beauty 36,00€
Medical pedicure 52,00€
Back relaxation 30 min 40,00€
Well-being therapy 55 min 86,00€
Hot Stone Massage 60 min 141,00€
The pure radiance salt crystals 30 min 51,00€
Radiance treatment 30 min 40,00€
Aroma purity 60 min 69,00€
Aroma purity 90 min 102,00€
Aroma smooth (anti-wrinkles) 60 min 71,00€
Aroma smooth (anti-wrinkles) 90 min 104,00€