Il Barbiere

Il Barbiere is an exclusive barbershop providing memorable experience to all of its customers. Its well-trained ambassadors offer a high-end quality service of hair styling and beard grooming.

Il Barbiere offers a wide selection of services such as classic or modern haircuts but mostly specialized on barbershop services and manicures.

Il Barbiere has been designed with for the only purpose of satisfying today’s men wants. It has been inspired by old fashionable barbershops, which creates a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its semi-private cabins.

Shaving is practiced according to the traditional technique, that is to say with a knife and a badger. Our barbers perfectly master the technique of old-fashioned shaving.  Beyond the traditional shaving technique, Il Barbiere has created his own shaving technique “Shaving Ritual” also a range of beard products that has been developped for daily purpose.  Our barbers’ mission is to maintain and beautify the hair and beard of today’s men, while offering them high quality care.


Hair cut 45,00€
Colour and Haircut 75,00 €
Colour 40,00 €
Balayage and Haircut 77,00 €
Trimmed Beard 20,00 €
Trimmed Beard & contours 26,00 €
Old Style Shaving 31,00 €
Beard Shave Ritual 37,00 €
Black Mask 11,00 €
Black Mask Nose 6,00 €
Hair Friction 7,00 €
Anti-fall Treatment 9,00 €
Hair care Treatment 10,00 €
Student -25 years 34,00€
School boy 32,00€
Child 0-3 years 19,00€
Straighten Treatment 75,00 €
Shampoo 9,00 €