What is Emporio del Uomo?

Emporio del Uomo has launched in November 2017 a great and unique concept store dedicated for today’s Men. The first store is located in the Shopping mall Auchan Kirchberg Luxembourg.

Emporio del Uomo stands out, to enhance every man’s lifestyle in a brand new concept store. It offers a portfolio of high-end barbershop services; spa treatments and exclusive products dedicated for gentlemen.

Emporio del Uomo is composed of 3 specific spaces: Il Barbiere, Uomo Spa and Uomo store.

Uomo store offers a large variety of products, which will please to any man of today’s world. It combines Fashion accessories, Leather goods, Books, Cigars, Spirits and is also the ideal place for wine lovers with its selection of exquisite wine and wine accessories. It is the place where every man will feel at home, a candy store for stylish gents.

Emporio del Uomo is inspired by old fashionable barbershops, which creates an unique atmosphere


Emporio del Uomo strives to satisfy every gentleman by gathering unique services and products in a premium environment.


To become leader on exclusive and prestigious gentleman lifestyle.